Boomwelloh (aka Matzo Brei) Breakfast Sandwich
with Ricotta & Sautéed Kale
Passover. Matzo. Wake up wanting bagels, but you want to be a good Jew. Seven full days of unleavened bread torture. Solution: Boomwelloh breakfast sammie.

My mom used to make boomwellohs with all the left over matzo from our big passover dinners. They're delicious. American Jews call it Matzo Brei. I don't know what that is. I is a immi, so I call them boomwellohs. Immi defined HERE.

This year, I got stuck with that nasty egg and onion flavored matzo. That's what I get for trying to get matzo at four in the afternoon on the first night of Passover. It was literally the last box. Personally, I think the flavored matzo is gross. That being said, it made a really tasty boomwelloh.
Boomwelloh Breakfast Sammie with Ricotta & Sautéed Kale
makes 4 sammies

4 eggs, fried or over easy
1 cup smooth ricotta cheese

For the boomwellohs:
6 pieces matzo
3 eggs
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp fresh cracked pepper

For the kale:
2 tsp olive oil
2-3 handfuls chopped kale
2 cloves garlic, pushed through a garlic press
salt & pepper to taste
splash lemon juice

For the Boomwellohs: In a large bowl, break the matzo into pieces. Cover them completely with warm water and let it sit for 5 minutes. Drain the water and press the matzo against the bowl to get as much of the liquid out. Break the matzo up with your hands. It should be soggy but not wet. Add the eggs, salt, and pepper. Mix together to form the batter. 

Heat a medium pan over medium-high heat. Add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. When the oil is hot, drop the batter to form a round, pancake like, patty. It should be no thicker than 3/4". Ration the batter out to make 8 boomwellohs. Drain on a paper towl. Season with salt.

For the Kale: Heat the olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the kale and sauté until wilted. About 3-4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Add the garlic and sauté for another minute. Turn the heat off and splash with lemon juice. 

For the sammie: Spread a bit of the ricotta cheese on the bottom boomwelloh. Layer the kale on top. Then place the egg on top. Finish with another boomwelloh. 

Enjoy! Happy Passover!

  • Sweet boomwellohs: Omit pepper and half the salt. Add 3 Tbsp of sugar and a few pinches of cinnamon to the batter. Pour some maple syrup on those babies!
  • Boomwellohs are great on their own as well. Don't need much on them.
  • I really like the word boomwelloh.
  • Feel free to replace the boomwellohs with an english muffin when matzo isn't available.
  • Homemade ricotta recipe coming soon ;)
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I recently purchased a Nutri I am saving approximately $7 a day since I am not getting my smoothies from Whole Foods now.  Juiceris next on my list for sure. 

I have friends that packed a juicer for a two week long vacation to Costa Rica. It was used a total of zero times. They did buy some parsley at a grocery store though. Oh... their car was also broken into when they were purchasing this parsley. The juicer was left behind. This is a true story. 

I love you 2 Brown.

Banana Almond Chia Smoothie
makes 1 serving

1 banana
1/4 cup oats
2-4 tsp chia seeds
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp almond butter
1/2 cup milk or almond milk
6 ice cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender or Nutri Bulletand buzz away for 2-3 minutes. You want it super smooth. 

Enjoy and be healthy!

  • You can easily switch out almond butter for any other nut or seed butter. The butter is what flavors the smoothie. 
  • Any type of oats will do the trick.
  • Soy milk or even water can replace the milk or almond milk if you have a different taste preference. 
  • This recipe is extremely versatile so be creative. Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder for a chocolaty smoothie!
  • I actually use close to 2 Tbsp of chia seeds in my smoothie because I sadly have digestive issues. A lot of them. *eye-roll*
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Ahhhhhhhh hollandaise. Probably the best sauce in the world. Red wine pepper sauce in close second. 

Music Friday!!!!!

Hear U Callin' - SevnthWonder

Something About You - Dornik

Every Little Word - MNEK - Thank you Lisa Brown

White Asparagus with Brown Butter Hollandaise
makes 4 toasts or 6 side servings

1 bunch white asparagus, stalky ends removed
4 slices sourdough bread
2 avocados, sliced
olive oil
paprika, garnish
some green herb, garnish
finishing salt, like Maldon

For the hollandaise:
10 Tbsp (145g) unsalted butter
3 egg yolks
1 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
1-2 tsp milk
pinch paprika

For the asparagus: Blanch the asparagus in salted, boiling water for 3 minutes and then throw them into an ice bath to stop the cooking. Heat a grill pan on high until it is smoking hot. Sear asparagus for 4 minutes turning half way through. Set aside on a cooling rack. Eat a spear of asparagus. 

For the toast: Drizzle bread slices, on both sides, with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Sear the bread on the grill pan until there are nice grill marks. 2 minutes on each side. Set on the cooling rack.

For the brown butter: Heat butter over medium heat in a small sauce pot. It will slowly melt, then bubble, then brown. You will start to see little brown bits on the bottom of the pot. Get a good browning on the butter but make sure you don't take it too far. Let it cool slightly.

For the hollandaise: In a blender, mix together the yolks, lemon juice, and salt. They will become lighter in color and a bit fluffier. This will take about 2 minutes. VERY, VERY, VERY slowly, drizzle in the brown butter while the blender is running. If you pour the brown butter in too fast, the hollandaise will break. Add 1-2 tsp of milk to the blender while it is running to make the sauce runnier. Add a pinch of paprika and blend for 15 seconds more. Check seasoning and adjust if you feel like it needs it. 

The hollandaise needs to be served immediately. OR you can put it in a mug and set the mug in very hot water (just under boiling). Keep it hot until you are ready to serve. If the sauce gets too thick, you can always mix a little more milk into it. 

For plating toast: Lay toasted bread on the plate, then layer the avocado on top and season with salt and pepper. Lay a few asparagus spears on top then drizzle with the hollandaise. Garnish with paprika, green herb, and finishing salt. 

For plating side dish: Plate asparagus, drizzle with hollandaise. Garnish with paprika, green herb, and finishing salt. 


  • Use the hollandaise recipe for a basic Eggs Benedict. It will elevate it because of the browned butter. It gives the sauce a deeper flavor.
  • Um.. drizzle this whole thing with Sriracha. All of it. All over it. mm. 
  • You want to set the asparagus and toast onto a cooling rack so that it doesn't steam on the bottom side. You worked so hard to get that nice crispness from the grill pan, don't ruin it by leaving it on a plate to get soggy. 
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Miso Kimchi Deviled Eggs
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Miso Kimchi Deviled Eggs
makes 10

5 eggs
2 Tbsp Kewpie Mayo
1 tsp white miso paste
1 tsp Gochujang - Korean hot pepper paste
2 pinches fine salt
2 cracks fresh pepper

scallion, sliced thinly
black sesame seeds
crunchy cluster type cereal - honey flavored is ok
     e.g. Go Lean Crunch, Honey Bunches of Oats

For the eggs: Set a medium to large pot of water to boil. Prepare an ice bath in a large bowl. When the water is at a rolling boil, carefully lower the eggs into the water with a slotted spoon so that the eggs do not crack when they hit the bottom of the pot. Boil for EXACTLY 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Quickly place the eggs in the ice bath. Let them hang in there for about 5 minutes

Peel the eggs carefully so they keep their beautiful shape. Slice them in half and gently remove the yolks. For a clean cut, make sure to wipe your knife down after every cut! Push the yolks through a mesh sieve into a medium sized bowl. This will ensure you get a good consistency for the filling. 

Add the Kewpie Mayo, white miso, gochujang, salt, and pepper to the yolks. Mix with a rubber spatula until just combined. 

Fill a piping bag with star tip with the yolk mixture. Pipe the filling into the egg whites how ever your heart desires. 

Plating & Garnishing: Place some kimchi onto the plate you will be serving the eggs on. I made a little pile in the middle. You can also make little heaps of kimchi to place your eggs on top of as well. Arrange the filled eggs on the plate. 

Garnish each egg with a bit of the crunch cluster cereal, scallions, Maldon Salt, and black sesame seeds. 

Admire and Enjoy.

  • Kewpie Mayois an incredibly thick, creamy Japanese mayonnaise. The bottle has a weird baby on it. Thats my favorite part. You can obviously use regular mayo but this stuff is legit.
  • You can boil the eggs and make the filling ahead of time. I recommend filling the eggs and garnishing them just before you serve. Fill the piping bag and keep it in the fridge so it's ready to go. You can also plate the kimchi and egg whites ahead of time if you are pressed for time before serving.
  • Put a little kimchi on your egg before biting into it. It adds great acidity and balances out the deep creamy flavor of the filling.